First draft done. Felt very liberating. Taking a break then going to edit this piece. I see sections that need to be fleshed out and some that need to be cut. Wordcount is at 2709.

Update: After I spewed the mess from my brain and had the first draft done, I took a break. The story kept bugging me in the back of my mind. I then discovered that I wasn’t happy about it and I knew why. I could tell a better story via another character’s viewpoint. The previous viewpoint was mundane, nothing interesting happened beside that this character died at the end.

With the other character, I could explore an exotic culture. I just finished a quick outline from this viewpoint and really fleshed out what I wanted to achieve. Not only that, this character has made me excited to tell this story. I am constantly thinking of different scenarios I can put him in to explore his background.

But first, time to rewrite the story and finish.

I don’t even feel like I’ve failed at all, that I’ve messed up or that I suck. What I do feel, without a doubt, is that my love for making stories when I was a child is still there. 


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