A promise to myself


Write a short story every day

  • Set a time to do this
  • Generate ideas, do a quick outline and write. Revise the next day
  • Why? To create a habit of writing and to hone your writing and editing skills
  • Publish this on a blog so you can see your progress and have a record and receive feedback and criticism

Work on your novel every day

  • Set a time to do this
  • This depends on you knowing what the novel is going to be about. You will have an outline. Therefore, have a plan for what you’re going to work on each day. You have the plan? Write.
  • If something bothers you — a story problem, grammar, spelling e.t.c, make a note of it for later. At this stage, you’re focused on writing, on getting that first draft.
  • Remember – One step at a time.

If you don’t yet have an outline for your novel, then it doesn’t matter. Keep doing the short stories from idea to outline and writing to editing. Meanwhile, think, think and always think about the novel.

Read a book every week

  • Set a time to do this
  • Read in a variety of genres both in your comfort zone and outside of your comfort zone
  • Why? Writing critically is important but so is reading critically. Develop your instinct
  • Write a review/break-down of a book every week. Why? To think about the book you read, to cultivate a way of thinking such as how did the author do this, structure, themes, sentences, style e.t.c

You care about writing? Get involved in writing and reading. For you, this is important time and anything else is secondary. Once you have done your work for the day, you’re free to do anything else that catches your attention.

P.S – If you write a short story every day, that means you have 7 stories for the week. Pick the best and submit to the relevant genre. When it gets accepted, you build a portfolio of published works. Potentially, in a month, you have 4 published short stories. In a year, that’s a total of 52 short stories!

P.P.S – When writing short stories, push yourself. Try new voices. See what works or what doesn’t.

As of this post, I am unemployed. I have all the time in the world to do whatever I want. I do not have an excuse to NOT write. I also know that it’s okay to fail, it’s okay to make mistakes because in doing so and recognising those, you will learn. And when you learn, you grow.


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